Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
Warmzy Hair tie
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+ Warmzy Hair Tie

Introducing the Warmzy Hair tie

This collection is dedicated to those individuals who have touched our lives with kindness!
Dress up your hair style in no time of with Warmzy Hair tie—so comfortable, super easy, and practical .Crafted from our signature bamboo linen fabric; the Warmzy Hair tie will become your go-to accessory all year round.
*Combo 3 your color choices hair ties for $12

Fact: Our signature bamboo fabric is designed to last and soften with each wash.

Why We Chose Linen Bamboo

Eco-ethical: Natural bamboo linen processed sustainably and ethically 

Cozy & comfortable: Super soft fabric that looks & feels wonderfully cozy 

Breathable: Air-flowing fabric that glides effortlessly with you as you move  

Moisture wicking: Wicks moisture away from your skin keeping you dry and cool 

Thermoregulating: A fabric that has your optimal temperature levels in mind – keeps you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cool weather

Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, keeping even the sensitive skin types in mind

Antibacterial: Natural bio-agents that resist the growth of bacteria requiring less washes  

Easy care and energy efficient: Say hello to easy care and energy efficiency, no special treatments  


Materials & Care

This item was made with:

75.2% Bamboo 

24.8% Linen 

100% Kindness

Made in Vietnam

How to care for your Warmzy Signature Set

Machine wash in a delicate or gentle cycle with lukewarm water (reminder: extreme hot or cold water don’t mix well with linen)

Highly suggest using the included mesh laundry bag when machine washing

Hand washing is always an option as well!

Lay flat/hang to dry or if you choose to machine dry, use a low/no-heat setting

Iron at low temperature

No bleach; can be dry cleaned 

What's the difference between a hair tie 

and a rubber band?

So--- Let make 2 points clear here:

No matter how conveniently available they are (they are just about

 everywhere!), a rubber band is not a hair tie. Rubber bands can pull 

on your hair aggressively, and totally have harmful effects on your hair.

The best fashion trends from the late 80s and 90s are back and here 

to stay - and we are loving it!

According to The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), it is recommended 

to use  covered rubber bands made especially for hair styling to avoid any hair 

damage. This means any elastics or rubber bands without fabric covering them 

shouldn’t be an option for going near your hair!

Why a Linen Hair tie?

These handmade hair ties are an effortless way to upgrade any outfit, and are crafted from Warmzy Club's signat ure bamboo linen. They help protect your strands to upkeep any style, provides a strong hold and maintains its unique look. 

Warmzy Club's signature bamboo linen is sustainable and extremely eco- friendly.

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